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Comments from the All College Day 2008 Mural Project

Students, faculty, AND Administration are responsible for Change.

Vassar always claims to be ‘green’ but why are lights, appliances, computers always left on?

Make our investment policy transparent

If Vassar wants us to interact with Poughkeepsie, provide resources for living off campus.

I’m excited about the shuttle into Pough!!

Poughkeepsie is one of my favorite things about Vassar  

Stop complaining about Pough-town.  Go there!

Just because you’re a self proclaimed ‘open-minded’ Vassar student doesn’t mean that you can’t have ignorant tendencies.  ‘Liberals’ can be sexist, racist, classist, and homophobic too.

Free your heart, free your mind

Don’t let apathy become an epidemic

It’s okay not to know, just ASK

Grow your own

Be the trouble you want to see.

Would you be your own friend if you met yourself unknowingly?

Actually go to the ALANA Center, Bayit, Women’s Center, Blegen

Be proud, be promising

Let’s turn fear into creativity

What if we spent all the time we spend talking about the larger community of Vass/Poughkips actually in the community.  BE THE CHANGE. (Talk is action, but it only goes so far)

Be accountable…there’s all this talk about change – so actually make an effort to come to and engage in things such as town meetings for reasons other than being required to go.

Art can save the world, remember why you do it.

Practice tolerance

Get involved!

Change starts with you.

Change starts with one act…be that person to make a difference, take charge!

Be the change you want to see

Stop treating the symptoms and look for the causes!

Change isn’t easy to achieve, but it’s WORTH fighting for!

We should try to stop focusing on identities and start realizing that Vassar is an oasis for everyone, a place of racial, socio-economic, and intellectual diversity!  Stop labeling and start loving!

Change cannot always be mistaken for progress.

$800 million endowment – Where does it come from?  Where does it go?

More people should visit the Poughkeepsie Middle School – the kids are great