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All College Day 2011 Comments

On All College Day we asked you to share your thoughts about Vassar’s 150th and what it means for the college.  We received over 200 comments.  Here’s a sampling of your observations: 

150!  It is great to see a liberal institution has lasted with such success---leading the way for others.

I am so proud of Vassar!  I love that his friend said that building a women’s college would be a more lasting legacy than the pyramids, and now it is alive, evolving, and growing!  I love Vassar, and it better stay liberal, radical and progressive forever!

For a college that prides itself on being liberal and progressive, there is far too much stagnation & too little support for innovation from the bottom up.  Perhaps this will change before another 150 years have passed.

Vassar surviving for 150 years to me shows its ‘cred’ --- both that sort of old-time prestige you see in black & white photos, and the continuing (but maybe fading?) status as a ‘good school.’  We can’t let Vassar rest on its laurels, though.  In a lot of ways, schools like Bard, Wesleyan, Bennington, and Sarah Lawrence seem to be eclipsing us in terms of supporting the arts and the experimental, in maintaining a high intellectual caliber.  I f we’re going to be ‘elite,’ let’s do it with substance.—AJA

As an employee and parent of a current student, learning more of the history of Vassar has given me a new appreciation for what Vassar stands for. 

It shows that Vassar has been committed to social change in the past and this highlights the fact that this commitment needs to be maintained over the course of Vassar’s present and future.  Let’s not forget where we’ve come from, but remember how far we have yet to go!

I think it’s great to see how far we have come!

Vassar seems to have come such a long way in 150 years, but we still have a long way to go!  Going co-ed has probably been one of the biggest changes, but I’d love to see Vassar diversify in other ways, like race, sex, SES, and disability!

It’s great, but I think we should change our colors back to pink and gray.

Great to be a part of Vassar and I’ve lived here all my life.  Being inside and seeing it all.

Being 150 years old and focusing so much on tradition can make it difficult for Vassar to be a truly progressive institution.

It’s really great! And a good time to celebrate Vassar’s history! Also fun pictures of ladies in the 1800s playing sports.

Vassar’s 150th year is a testament to the value of a liberal arts degree. The longevity of this college shows the ambition of its students.

I think it is a great opportunity for the current student body to connect with the origins of Vassar and thus gain a more intimate relationship with my college experience.

It’s a great time to take a moment to reflect on where we are as a college, where we came from, and where we’re going. It’s a time to celebrate all we’ve accomplished and where we can go from here.

I think it is a great way to get Vassar known in the larger community.

I think it is definitely a time to take a moment to realize how real and possible change is within our lifetimes and within our 4 years here.

I think it’s one of the greatest feminist achievements in the world. Who would have thought a woman’s college that then went co-ed would be one of the world’s best institutions?

Vassar has changed a lot in the last 150 years and it means that as a part of Vassar, we should think about the changes that should be made over the next 150 years.

It makes us legitimate on another level. Really. Like McDonalds.

I think it is significant to see how much the campus has changed yet retained the same values.

I think Vassar’s sesquicentennial means that we are celebrating our college’s history and accomplishments that have spanned 150 years. It’s spanned the Great Depression, the Civil Rights Movement, and every other significant historical event. And we are all united in this place that’s seen such history and will continue to.

I think the 150th celebration has been somewhat queer and trans history exclusive, and focuses primarily on white, straight, middle class, Christian/secular, able folk, of non-trans histories, and ignores Vassar’s feminist significance.

I love all the old pictures that are put up online. This 150th celebration kind of reminds people of what we had in our history, how we’ve changed and how we should proceed. It should let people remember the times when we were all female and how we went through everything to become coed eventually. We’ve developed through the way and also lost things in the process. It’s a time for us to get back the value system we used to treasure and bring back Vassar’s traditional and REAL spirit.

One hundred and fifty years of tradition and questioning, re-shaping and improving that tradition! And at least another hundred an fifty years of creative, cooperative improvement to go!

I think it’s amazing how Vassar has evolved over time but still retains its whimsical charm!

It means that it is time to focus on the development of the science/technology programs…starting with a new sciences building!

I feel very connected to Vassar. Both of my parents went here-it’s where our family got its start! I’ve loved taking a closer look at Vassar’s history this year.

I think the sesquicentennial is a unique opportunity for the college to redefine its image.

I think VC 150 is a great time to reflect both on where the college has been and where it is going.  We’ve come a long way and it’s a good time to evaluate if we are still on track with what kind of college we want to be.  Are we still upholding rigorous standards?  Are we still working toward social justice?  How are we being the best we can in an ever-changing world?

Considering how the school’s changed from a breeding house for the privileged class to an institution open to diversity and progress, it means that America has changed.

I think Vassar’s 150th is very important.  It represents Vassar’s lengthy history as an elite institution with all of its diversity and progress.

It has meant watching Dance and Athletics grow and flourish.  Old buildings turn new again.  Fresh youthful energy each year.  Sad goodbyes to old friends. 

Too much money went into it, but the party was great.

I think that it is amazing how much it has changed.  Looking through the pictures on the 150 website of the girls in the gorgeous old dresses and seeing them on the same places we visit everyday was so crazy. And I think that the college should be really proud.  150 years is a long time.

I believe that it means that Vassar has the lasting power and strength to make it another 150 years.  We are very clearly here to stay, which is always a wonderful tradition to keep in mind.