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All College Days 2015 Comments

All College Day 2015

Questionnaire Responses

Tell us what you think about this year’s theme: Self and Community Care

What does self-work mean to you?

And how do you balance that with self-care?

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Giving myself a break when I need one

Self-work means looking at yourself in parts and recognizing that though there are parts that you may not like, these parts make you unique.  To balance that with self-care means to work on those un-liked parts and to make them your best parts.

Self-work - a sense of duty and responsibility to learning and improving.  Self-care: taking time for yourself to relax and distress.

Self-work, to me, means doing what you can, understanding and respecting yourself.  I frequently check in with myself and how I feel.

Self-work means taking time for yourself for deep reflection

Change things I’m not happy about, but not forgetting that these things make me unique

Self-work means working on yourself to make you the best you can be, academically, mentally, socially, and in regards to yourself. A happy you reflects on your community and is the first step to a happy life.

Self-work in relation to self-care means practicing time management and finding me-time, finding time to work on me despite the tones of assignments I may have.

Self-work is doing what’s necessary for a better future; for yourself and for the people you love. Self-care is taking time for you so you can have more time and love to give to others.

Self –work means learning constantly, but taking time to rest physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Self-work means always finding time to care for yourself and work on ways to become a better person. Taking time to sleep, eat, and love is how I balance this with self-care.

Self-care is knowing what’s important to you. Stay true to your emotions and be respectful of yourself.

Self-work means improving myself and that works in turn with self-care because self-care means surrounding myself with people that support my self-improvement. It means not surrounding myself with toxic people and surrounding myself with people that care about me.

Self-care makes me feel good about myself!

Self-work means never giving yourself the shorter end of the stick—that you are deserving and should spend time on and for yourself.

Self-care means taking care and control of your well-being. Self-work is working to better yourself. Self-care and self-work are not mutually exclusive and self-work can be self-care.

Self-work means perseverance and determination. Self-care is laughter, happiness, and acceptance. There is no balance for me because the two complement each other. They go hand in hand for a happy life.

Self-work is working on things for you. Self-care is caring for yourself. It is so important to make yourself your number one priority because you are a human before you take on any other role. Sometimes self-care is challenging.

I take care of myself by taking breaks, doing art, and staying aware. It is so important to value the self!

Self-care and self-work are involved with the mind, body, and spirit. They involve mindfulness, presence, and living in the now.

Self-work is doing productive or necessary things that are important to one’s self. We can balance this by taking breaks to relax and cool down even when we are stressed and not taking on too much at once even if the work may interest us.

Self- work is making and working towards a better you—such as studying more or joining activities. Happiness is directly woven in with self-care, which is taking time to make yourself happy and decompress when times are hard.

Reflection happens during self-care and this leads to self-work.

Self-work is keeping yourself accountable while committing to loving yourself and your community. I balance self-care by doing things to sustain myself so that I can continue to do the work.

Self-work is finding joy in what you do. Self-care is making sure you continue to find joy in what you do.

I feel like both self-care and self-work come from a place of trying to improve which is not to say that you’re not awesome to start, but it is a process of growth.

Self-work and self-care mean reflection, reckoning, and reconciliation.

Self-work is trying your best with your best intentions. Hot showers are my self-care.

Self-care means knowing your limits and knowing when you need a break.

Self-work means keeping track of yourself and knowing when you can do better, but self-care is knowing when to go easy on yourself.

Self-care and self-work mean finding a balance between working hard and taking time to relax.

Self-work is getting the things you want/need yourself to all done. I try to work hard, but also to be mindful that I can’t work as hard as I want or as efficiently as I want if I’m not caring for myself.

Self-care and self-work mean knowing what’s good for you and being okay with not always pushing the limits of your physical and emotional boundaries.

Self-work is motivation! Find a way to be passionate about your work and yourself. Learn to have fun, but also know when to be serious.

Self-work is working hard and keeping my priorities in order. I leave time for long showers and crossing things off my to-do list.

Self-work means being aggressive and pushing yourself to do the most and best you can, but making sure you don’t burn the candle at both ends. Set time out just to relax and be organized with your time.

Self-work means catching up with deadlines and homework and can be balanced by giving yourself time to enjoy life.

Self-work is the act of improving myself. It’s important not to push myself too hard otherwise I may damage my self-care.

Self-work is improving myself physically, academically, and socially. Self-care is maintaining my physical and mental health.

Self-work is always looking back at what you’ve done and what you’re doing and trying to do better. At the same time, always take time to appreciate good work done and take time off to Netflix/hang out with friends/nap/just do nothing—whatever makes you happy.

Self-work means taking care to feel your best. It goes hand in hand with self-care.

Self-work is bettering yourself in academics, body, to improve yourself to your own standards. Self-care is enjoying the little things I like and appreciating what I have done and myself at the moment. Self-care is celebrating you!

Self-work means to actually take some time to think and understand why I behaved that way in that situation. When I did wrong, I try as hard as I can to not do that again. When I need to take care of myself I just go taking pictures or play some sports—it helps me to focus and brings my mind elsewhere.

Self-work means really looking at yourself and seeing what needs changing in your life. You can’t self-care if you never self-work—forever balancing each other naturally.

Self-work to me is putting in energy into making yourself a better person all around academically, socially, mentally, physically, etc. You balance this with self-care by working towards being a better person and taking care of yourself at the same time. Many people tend to get carried away and not take care of themselves while they work hard (A.K.A. finals week!). You must have an equal balance of both!

Self-work is being mindful of yourself: your priorities and desires, accepting along the way. Self-care is reacting accordingly is self-care.

Self-work is working on yourself and working towards being more like the person you want to be. Self-care is taking care of yourself and treating yourself well.

Self-work is sticking to your goals no matter what and making sure your goals are multi-faceted: not too academic!

Self-work is doing things to reach your goals, but being mindful and practicing self-care by taking your time and doing what makes you happy.

Self-work is work that I can get other people to do for me. I compensate their time with self-care. It’s a balance that works well for me. Just kidding, self work is constantly (or from time to time) taking the time to introspect, improve, and interrogate my goals, actions, and beliefs. Not depending on external validation and gratification. Self-work equals self-care which equals self-love.

Self-work means to constantly believe in your potential and work to get better. I just try to be happy and healthy.

Self-care is listening to music that helps me understand how I feel. I balance self-work with having a clean space that transforms my room into a place.

Self-work is improving yourself enough to not interfere with your self-care.

Self-work is self-education and not relying on marginalized voices to explain their oppression. Self-care is being patient in the process of self-education and kind to the self when screw-ups happen.

Self-work and self-care are taking the time to listen—to myself, my peers, and my community. A healthy me is the first step to a healthy community.

Self-work means being true to yourself and your values. This is balanced through self-care—the actions one takes to attain this alignment.

Self-work is striving to be the very best person I can be at home with my family and at work. Sometimes it is okay to put yourself above others.

Self-work is improving aspects of yourself instead of taking time for mental health.

Self-work is constantly trying to be better. You can balance it with self-care by saying “I’ve made progress, but I also need to take care of myself.”

Self-care is chilling in my room listening to songs, ordering in, taking a break from Vassar College, and recharging!

Self-care is being able to do things that you want. Self-care goes along with being able to do the things you want that make you feel accomplished.

Self-work is work that is important to you. Self-care is connected to self-work; you need to keep yourself healthy, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to perform in any worth while way… or maybe self-work can be the time and effort put into your self-care. And of course it’s worth it.

Self-care means putting your own physical/emotional health before pleasing everyone else.  That doesn’t mean harming others.  I try to balance that while doing my best.

Self-work means opening up to understanding others.  To me, that is in fact a form of self-care because it makes one less isolated in the world.

Self-work means constantly working on the inside of yourself – mentally and spiritually.  It’s important to keep my mind open and healthy!  I balance that with self-care by taking time to meditate and do breathing exercises.  I try to reduce stress!  I like to play a positive loop of self-talk in my head.

I give my best in everything I do.  Do my best and leave the rest.

It means working towards a better you.  In order to be your best self you have to be good to your body and soul

Self-care means putting your emotional/physical/mental health before all else.

Self-work means you take the time to take care of yourself.  It’s the hardest thing ever to balance.  I don’t know how.  I don’t have answers.  I wish I did.

It means giving space and time for myself to think and reflect on my daily life and to have a time of prayer and devotion.

Self-work is holding yourself accountable, even when you don’t want to.  Self-care is knowing when to stop this process and still hold onto your self-respect.

Self-work is doing your responsibility, but being sure to take a step back to both look at your progress and make sure that you’ve approached the work in a healthy way.

I think self-work means working towards being the best version of yourself.  In order to do so, one needs to master self-care.  Without self-care, you can easily get overwhelmed and not do as much self-work as needed.

Self-work is confidence in yourself to overcome adversity.  Self-care is the healthy practicing of dedicating time for your well-being.

I don’t do a great job of balancing self-care and self-work.  Self-work means investing in myself.

I try to be gentle with myself – If it will make me feel good later to do the work I try to think of helping my future self

Self-work? I have no idea, but I would imagine that it means improving oneself, doing what you have to do; the work one must do to reach your goal!  That being said, it’s all about moderation.  You can’t expect to accomplish anything if you’re not spiritually or physically healthy.

I try to be myself with everyone I meet.

It means working really hard.

Self-work: bettering yourself to become who you want to be, balance it with self-care by remembering that “success” isn’t everything and you deserve to de-stress.

It means motivation to do work and take responsibility for yourself.

It means being productive, motivated and driven!  I have to balance with self-care by keeping myself mentally and physically healthy.

I always make the time to be still.  I devote so much time to my job, but don’t want to burn myself out.  Being still centers your mind and allows me to focus on work again.

I struggle with self-care.  I depend on others to pull me through.

Self-work, to me means the work I do to better myself everyday.  Self-work is the time and effort I put in to make myself the best version of me that I can be, whether it is physical exercise, learning a new skill, or working to overcome my own hang-ups or prejudices.  It is related to self-care in that both balance the other to make me a complete and healthy person, inside and out.

Working to make yourself a better person.  Self-care is taking care of yourself physically and emotionally.

Working on becoming who you want to be and self-care is making sure you emotionally and physically have the strength to get through life.

Self-work means reflecting on myself and working towards becoming a better version of myself.  Self-care may or may not be a part of that.

Self-work and self-care help me function among my peers, and be a more energetic and positive influence on my community.

Self-work means aspiring to become the person who aligns with the morals I expect from myself and others.  Self-care means focusing internally, reflecting on actions, finding a space of your own.

Self-work means keeping you healthy mentally, emotionally and physically.  I work out, and I surround myself with positivity.

Self-work means taking the time to reflect on the things you need – the things that center you.  When we figure out those things (I acknowledge that this is in flux) we can incorporate our self-care to not just us, but to a larger community.

Self-work is about looking deep into yourself and working to discover your identities.  This work is brutal to begin with, but in the end that work leads to self-love and self-care

Self-work means making decisions and actions that better you and your community.  Self-work and self-care go hand-in-hand because you must self-care to self-work.

Self-work means taking a good look at my own patterns of thought that may lead to patterns of behavior and challenging myself to improve.  Self-care is forgiving myself when I see error, prejudice, laziness and holding hope I can improve.

Self-work includes contextualizing how complicit you may be in the exact systems you are trying to dismantle.  But self-care also involves knowing that you have the right to caring for the physical and emotional needs of your body because that body I important and practical.  You are able to rest, to recover and to grow.

Continually trying to better myself, examine who I am and who I want to be, but also taking care of who I am.

Self-work means challenging preconceived notions and conditioned behaviors.  It means continually being a person I can respect and love.  In order for me to care for myself, I have to work on myself.  They are interconnected.

Self-work to me means accomplishing personal goals and striving to be the best “you” that you can be.  Implementing self-care means realizing you’re only human and refreshing your mind and body to better achieve what you want.

I think self-work means recognizing that how we treat ourselves carries over into how we treat others.  Self-work means loving yourself regardless and being able to think critically about who we are.

Self-work means surrounding yourself with people who love and show you respect by constantly challenging you and pushing you to grow…..I think this type of love is self-care.

Self-work means reflecting on my thoughts and how they turn into actions.  Differentiating the bad thoughts that I can’t help and those that I can.  That is also part of my self-care because I strive to be a “good” person.

Self-work means working on yourself to be the person you want to be.  Self-care is recognizing and treating yourself in the best way you can.

Self-work means to be centrally aware of your actions and constantly be striving to reform yourself.  You have to know when you are no longer helping others when you aren’t helping yourself.

Self-work means doing the needed work to improve yourself as a person.  This means checking your privilege and knowing that you are a work in progress and that’s okay.  Self-care is loving yourself

Always trying to be critical of your actions is a first step.  When I need self-care, I take time away from interactions so that I won’t inadvertently cause harm.