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18th All College Day and Lecture (2018)

Wednesday, February 28:  2018 All College Day &  Lecture:

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This year's All College Day is in collaboration with the Engaged Pluralism Initiative.

About All College Day:

All College Day is an annual event planned by the Campus Life and Diversity Office. The day began in 2001, in response to a racial incident and subsequent campus discussions the previous spring led by the Dean of the College Office to include faculty administrators and students. Along with Conversation Dinners during the past 18 years, the goal has been to facilitate campus conversation and dialogue regarding critical matters of campus life and campus community. The eventl date has been in mid-Frebruary and encourages the campus to pause and reflect on impotant issues and concerns. Questions and comments may be shared at any time by contacting us at campuslife@vassar.edu. You may also call (845)437-5426 if you have questions or want more information.


2017 - Drawing Power from the Center

2016 - All College Day

2015 – Self and Community Care; keynote by Pauline Alexis Gumbs

2014 – (un)silencing voices; keynote by Janet Mock

2013 – Race, Privilege, Power; keynote by Tim Wise

2012 – Engaging Campus Tensions

2011 – Sesqui  1861 – 2011 Perspectives

2010 – Bridging The Gaps

2009 - Hearing All Voices

2008 – Be The Change

2007 – Building Community at Vassar: What’s Next?

2006 – Beyond the Gate: Vassar and Poughkeepsie…a day of open and honest campus dialogue about our relationship with Poughkeepsie

2005 – Finding Common Ground at Vassar: Identity • Community • Politics; keynote by Peggy McIntosh

2004 – Race at Vassar: A Year-long Conversation

2003 – Bursting the Bubbles: Building A Community That Works For Everyone

2002 – A day to discuss issues of community and to explore our individual and collective responsibility in promoting a stronger, inclusive community for everyone.

2001 – Community at Work, Working at Community  “A day to examine issues of diversity at Vassar and our individual and collective responsibilities in promoting positive community for all.” – President Fergusson